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The Crude Catastrophe - Impact of crude prices on an airline’s profitability
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The Crude Catastrophe

‘The Crude Catastrophe’ is a research analysis by Analytics & Consulting (A&C) team of Accelya that provides an insight into the impact of crude price volatility and the strategies adopted by different airlines to gain a better position.

The airline industry is operational on miniscule profits and even the slenderest change in its operational costs can affect its overall profitability. The highest share of its operating cost (ranging from 20 – 50%) is accounted by fuel cost. Thus, crude price volatility becomes a cause of huge concern for all the airlines.

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While a downward movement in crude price improves profitability and liquidity of the airline, which enables re-investment in the business; however, some risks can emanate from lower crude oil prices. This can have a direct implication on the stock prices of airlines.

Read the full article to get insights into the impact of crude price volatility and how the airlines revisit their strategies to their advantage.

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